Jiexi Zhao



Jiexi Zhao is an Artist, Pianist, Vocalist, Film Composer, Record Producer, Arranger, and Educator, currently based in Boston.  Jiexi started studying classical piano at the age of 3. Under the influence of his grandparents being both well-established singers in China during the 60s, at the age of 9, Jiexi already started studying music production and arranging. At 12, Jiexi had already outstandingly passed the highest level of the Piano Standard Examination from the Central Conservatory of Music. He also won an award for his extraordinary music production skills in China at 12. As an artist, Jiexi has already had multiple performances and concerts across Asia and the US including performing as a guest artist along with multiple established and uprising artists such as Tia Ray, Jefferson Qian, and Junshu Zheng on numerous shows such as the annual China-U.S. Music Summit Concert; As a Producer/Composer, he had also scored multiple award-winning short films and documentaries since the age of 16, and working with directors and producers such as Evan Jackson Leong and Brian Yang, director of “Linsanity”, to upcoming award-winning directors and producers such as Charles Dong and Linhan Zhang.

Languages Spoken – English, Mandarin

Birthday – April 6

Instruments You Teach – Piano, Voice, Music Production

Favorite music to listen to – D’Angelo, Gustav Holst, Eason Chan, Debussy, Daniel Caesar & Ennio Morricone (and many more!)

Schools Attended – Beijing International School of Singapore, Berklee College of Music

Other hobbies/interests – Basketball, skiing, badminton, tennis

Something most people don’t know about me – I really enjoy staying at home

Where I grew up – Born and rasied in Beijing

Heroes – My mother

Favorite Music to Perform – My own music!

Practice tips –  Practice smarter, not harder

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