Alicia Ortiz


Alicia’s musical experience ranges from being a Soprano soloist in a regional gospel choir to touring full-time with a Latin fusion band, to belting her favorite Whitney Houston pop songs at private parties on the weekend. She studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music and has been an advocate for many important social issues throughout her life. Alicia infuses encouraging uplifting messages into her own lyrics, and once performed for a crowd of 10,000 people using a song she wrote only earlier that same morning!

As a music teacher, Alicia focuses on laughter and building confidence, in addition to foundational techniques. For her, it’s important that a student begin to find, strengthen, and trust their voice in all areas of life. As a vocalist, she knows how personal singing can be, since our instruments literally come from inside our bodies. She works with students of all ages, exuding patience and compassion while catering to the specific needs of each person and their unique musical journey.

Birthday: September 18

Favorite color: Red

Born: Detroit, MI

Most people don’t know: That I’ve gone skydiving and scuba diving!

For fun: I love salsa dancing.

Favorite exercise: Jumping rope

Started singing: Age 6

Favorite instruments: Voice, piano, and cello

Alicia (a.LEE.cee.a) is a musician and educator living in Boston, by way of Albany, New York.