Angela Fenton is a born and raised Bostonian, growing up in Brockton, MA, the City of Champions. She began her journey with music at the age of 9 when she started playing alto saxophone. Angela played sax all throughout her primary school education, and even went on to be first chair. Alongside concert band, Angela had a passion for singing and went on to teach herself guitar at 16 years old. She went to Berklee College of Music to study songwriting and performance and then moved to Nashville in 2017 to work at an internship on Music Row with one of the country’s most recognized vocal coaches, Brett Manning. Upon returning home from music city, Angela landed a full time entertainment position at Boston’s Howl At the Moon, a dueling piano hotspot and weekend favorite of many college kids in the area. There she learned how to play piano and drums. Angela has taught students from all different areas of music, including the School of Rock. She loves showing new students that there is more than one way to learn music, and the most fun ways are the best!
Birthday: June 29
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite candy: Sweet tarts
Favorite music to listen to: Indie acoustic pop
Favorite music to play: Top 40