Astha Shrestha


Astha Shrestha, who also goes by the stage name AsthaZylah, is a professional musician, producer, and performer who, among many other simultaneous projects, is currently touring the east coast with East Coast Soul, one of the most sought after event bands in the east coast, alongside some of Boston’s finest musicians.

By age 16, Astha was touring in Maryland and Washington DC with her High School Chamber Choir and performed at several reputable venues including a performance for President Obama and the First lady at their private holiday party at the White House in 2011.

In 2012, Astha was crowned as Miss Nepal USA and after winning the coveted title, she was appointed as the Honorary Tourism Brand Ambassador for the country of Nepal for the year 2013. Later that year she worked alongside Maytee Martinez, a runway model and designer who has worked for designers and brands such as Dior, Guess Jeans, Valentino and Victoria’s Secret to name a few, and Malvika Subba, a celebrated TV personality in Nepal, as a trainer for the contestants of Miss Nepal US 2013.

Astha went on to pursue music as a career and started working as a musician performing at several events and venues and opened for the world renowned Musician and DJ, RJD2 in 2015 and in 2016 at the Middle East in Boston. Soon after that, she attended Berklee College of Music, becoming the first Nepali woman to ever attend the world renowned school, and started working professionally for entertainment companies and event bands performing different styles and genres of music ranging from Blues, Jazz, Soul, RnB to Hip-Hop, pop, fusion and experimental world fusion. Apart from performing live, Astha has also made several appearances in the Japanese music industry after working with Musician, producer and Berklee College of Music faculty, Yukihiro Kanesaka Carmichael, as a recording artist for commercial jingles and anime soundtracks for Japanese media and television.

With an international fanbase and over a decade of experience working professionally in the music and the entertainment industry, Astha is now working on her first debut EP as an original artist while also producing for other international artists.

Birthday – January 1

Schools Attended – Berklee College of Music

Age you Started Lessons – 8

Favorite Music to Listen to – Soul, R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Neo-soul, Hip Hop

Favorite Music to Play – Neo-soul

Other hobbies/interests – Traveling, yoga, painting and belly dancing

Something most people don’t know about you – I love belly dancing more than anything else. I used to belly dance everyday until I started taking singing seriously.

Where you were born/grew up – Born and raised in Nepal but attended high school in Maryland, USA

Hero(es) – Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Beyoncé, Erykah Badu,

Practice Tips – Never rush though the practice and always use a metronome.