Colleen Averill



Colleen Averill is a pianist and composer from Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music. Colleen started piano at the age of three, and fell in love with music. Growing up, she learned a variety of musical styles before studying jazz at Berklee. Outside of piano, her musical interests span the orchestra as a composer. An experienced teacher, Colleen is passionate about equipping students with the tools necessary to foster a love of music. She hopes to help make music understandable and exciting for all her students.

Birthday: September 27th

Schools Attended: Berklee College of Music

Instruments Teaching: Piano, Preschool Mini Musicians and Tiny Tunes classes

Age Starting Lessons: 3

Performance Experience: Performing in studio recording sessions as well as small chamber groups throughout school

Favorite Music to Listen to: Film Scores, as well as anything from the Post-Romantic Era

Favorite Music to Play: Jazz

Something most people don’t know about you: I used to work at a ranch taking care of horses and cattle

Born/Grew Up: I was born in Ohio and then grew up in Texas.

Hero: My mom.

Practice Tips: My best practice tip is to break things down into smaller pieces, and once you can do those pieces, put them back together. Also, practice the parts you don’t know.

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