Deu Almeida


Elideusa Gomes Almeida was born on July 15, 1994 in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Performing under her childhood nickname, Déu was raised in the urban neighborhood of Dorchester with her three sisters —two older and one younger— whom are all artistically inclined. Her parents emigrated from the Cape Verde Islands shortly after the island nation gained its independence from Portugal. As Cape Verdeans, her parents instilled in their children the value of education, the arts, language and culture.

Déu’s father, a musician of the morna genre, began teaching her piano at the age of four years old. By the age of five, she was proficient in music notation, and began constructing chord progressions shortly thereafter. As an infant, Déu underwent emergency surgery to correct a congenital diaphragmatic hernia which was discovered by her parents. The expectation was that Déu would never fully recover from the procedure, but she recovered fully in the coming months.

A graduate of the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, Déu earned her Bachelor of Music in Songwriting from the esteemed institution in 2015, after being at the college for only two years. During her time at the number one music school in the world, Déu primarily studied the genre of jazz in the form of vocal and piano performance, and was successful in testing out of many courses, which expedited her studies and allowed her to graduate at the age of twenty years old.  

During her last undergraduate semester, she earned her minor in music technology at the Valencia, Spain campus. In 2017, the songstress earned her Master of Business Administration in Music Business, and is the youngest graduate of the program.  She is also an alumna of the Berklee City Music Program and Boston Arts Academy. 

In her earlier years, Déu studied private violin instruction at the Community Music Center of Boston under the tutelage of violinist and conductor Michael Korn. At the age of fifteen, she was asked by Korn to substitute for an injured musician in the Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra, which would mark the beginning of her career as a professional orchestral musician.

Birthday: July 15

School attended: Berklee College of Music

Instruments I teach: voice, piano, violin, viola, guitar, music theory, songwriting

Favorite music to perform: my original music, pop and soul

Favorite music to listen to: if I get to listen live, definitely jazz! Otherwise, latin/world. 

Something most people don’t know about me: I used to be a dockhand on the Charles!

Where I was born and grew up: Boston (neighborhood of Dorchester)

Other hobbies & interests: yoga, running, water sports, vegan cuisine, wine tasting/making, interior design, maternal health

Heroes: my older sisters

Practice tips: Reframe your definition of “practice”.  Many students think practice can only happen on their instrument, in the lesson room or using specific content. Though my students are encouraged to follow and practice given content, practice can also be improvising over the intro to a song you hear in a grocery store, creating call and response rhythms using your turn signal (blinker) as a metronome or even closing your eyes and visualizing a chord chart in your head while you silently follow along.