Jacob Morese


Jacob R. Morese is a highly experienced musician and educator from Bellingham, Massachusetts. He has been immersed in the music world nearly his entire life, having started piano at six years old and drum set at eight years old, studying under his long-time teacher/mentor, Kenny Hadley. Drums would become his primary instrument, and through years of practice and experience, he would become an incredibly well-performing and versatile drummer. In 2021, Jacob graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BM in Music Education. His five years at Berklee immensely broadened his musical knowledge, studying with great musicians and educators, such as Bob Gullotti. Following his time at Berklee, he gained experience privately teaching a wide range of instruments to students of all ages. In addition, he is currently working to earn his MA in Historical Musicology at Boston University’s School of Music. He is interested in conducting research in jazz and American protest music. 

Birthday: Feb 24

Schools: Berklee College of Music, Boston University 

Instruments Taught: Drum set, piano, trumpet, Alto saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, vibraphone, timpani, French horn, flute 

Favorite Music to Play/Listen to: Jazz, blues, reggae, neo-soul, R&B, and almost anything else! 

Other Interests: Politics, antiquing, and history