James Davis


James’ first musical experience was playing the snare drum in band at age 10. Soon after seeing the movie ‘School of Rock’, he went home and begged his father to show him how to play a beat on the drum set. He then went on to play in punk, metal, and jazz bands through middle and high school. During high school, he played around 100 shows all over New England, opening for some of his favorite bands like Periphery, The Contortionist, and The Human Abstract. Being in bands inspired him to start writing and composing for guitar. James has written and recorded dozens of songs, learning how to play the guitar and recording himself through the learning process.  Since graduating Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 2017, James has been performing, teaching, and recording in and around the Boston area. Ever since his first drum lessons, James feels his teachers have had a profound impact on the way he sees both music and the world and he feels teaching as an homage to those teachers who gave so much to him.


Why did you start playing the drums?

I thought it would be easy!

Why did you start playing the guitar?

It was mostly fueled by the desire to write music. You can write with the drums, but it helps to play another instrument.

What have you done recently that your proud of?

I just finished recording an album I wrote, played drums, bass, and guitar, and did some weird droning singing. It doesn’t have any timing edits or pitch correction (autotune).

Birthday: September 5

Schools Attended: Berklee College of Music

Instruments You Teach: Drums, Guitar, Piano

Favorite Music to Perform: Metal, Jazz

Favorite Music to Listen to: Metal, Jazz, Drum & Bass, Ambient

Something most people don’t know about you: In high school, I woke up at 5am to practice before class.

Other hobbies & interests: Nutrition & Health, Cooking

Where you were born & grew up: Carlisle, MA

Heroes: Most of them are drummers! My teachers Tom Arey, Bob Gullotti & Ralph Peterson. I’ve looked up to Alex Rudinger for a very long time.

Practice Tips: Try to practice for at least 1 minute every day at the same time. I like the morning!