Nicole Dobberpuhl


Nicole Dobberpuhl is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, with a degree in songwriting, musical theater performance, and musical theater writing. She is from Southborough, MA, and has continued living in Boston, MA post-graduation. She regularly performs throughout the Boston local music scene, most often singing in an acoustic duo.

Nicole has been a private lesson teacher for voice, piano, ukulele, and guitar for the past three years, both remotely and in person. As a teacher, it is most important to her that her students enjoy what they are doing. Therefore, she embraces flexibility in lesson planning – tailoring each student’s curriculum to their specific goals and needs. She believes that students who are passionate about what they are learning will commit to that pursuit long-term. In addition, she highly values establishing independent thinking for her students. In lessons, she encourages students to try new things and not be afraid to make mistakes. Her focus includes teaching many transferable skills, such as problem-solving, pattern recognition, coordination, patience, goal setting and completion, reflection, and creation.

Birthday- March 5
Schools Attended- Berklee College of Music
Instruments You Teach- Voice, piano, ukulele, guitar, flute
Favorite Music to Perform- Acoustic pop
Favorite Music to Listen to- Pop and musical theater; My favorite band is The 1975
Something most people don’t know about you- My favorite animal is a capybara!
Other hobbies & interests- I love writing, dancing, and acting, and I am vegetarian
Where you were born & grew up- Southborough, MA
Heroes- Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Sara Bareilles
Practice Tips- Start with what brings you joy and work towards your goals. Get in the habit of practicing and warming up.