Oliver Esposito Veit



Oliver Esposito Veit has been singing since they could talk, and playing a wide variety of instruments for over 15 years. A Colorado native, Oliver studied mandolin with acclaimed classical mandolinist Chris Acquavella, and Berklee College of Music professors Jason Anick and Joe Walsh. They studied guitar with Grammy nominated artist Micheal Daves, and songwriting with Pat Pattison and Amy Speace. Oliver studied voice with Ron Browning, who’s other clients include Carrie Underwood, Alison Krauss, and Amy Grant, and received a merit scholarship to Berklee College of Music where they spent two formative years.

Oliver has crowdfunded, recorded, and released two records, formed and led bands, and performed nationally. Their latest record, Ghosts Underneath My Skin, was produced by Neilson Hubbard (Mary Gauthier, Amy Speace, Kim Ritchey) and came number 31 on the folk DJ charts, with an original track coming number 8. “Brave. Bold. Simple.” says Amy Speace of Ghosts Underneath My Skin. “By Track 3, we know we are listening to someone deeply committed to truth-telling. “Breathe” begins as a poem, a tumble of words over mandolin, guitar and piano, until they break into melody “and when I finally spoke those words…it felt like coming up for air. For the first time in 16 years, I can breathe.” It is one of the most direct statements of self from any songwriter, any artist, at any age, and it is exhilarating. “Ghosts Underneath My Skin” is an audacious debut from a voice well beyond Esposito’s years. We would do well to listen and follow as they shine a flashlight in the dark.”

Oliver has had the honor of sharing the stage with Chris Thile, Langhorne Slim, Sierra Hull, Amos Lee, Sarah Jarosz, Tim O’Brien, Elephant Revival, Aoife O’Donovan, David Grisman, Mary Gauthier, and more. “In that instant, the lives of everyone in attendance changed for the better,” wrote The Huffington Post of Oliver’s appearance with Amos Lee at Rocky Mountain Folk Festival.

Oliver has been teaching for 7 years and enjoys sharing their love and knowledge of music. They teach classical, bluegrass, folk, and pop styles. Their instruments are mandolin, guitar, voice, piano, and octave mandolin. They also offer instruction in songwriting. They adjust their curriculum to each individual student’s goals and needs, and teach songs that the student wants to learn. They firmly believe that music should be fun, enjoyable, and a valuable form of expression. In addition to teaching private lessons, Oliver has taught at Rocky Mountain Song School, was an assistant teacher at Berklee Global Strings, and formed, led and conducted the Berklee Mandolin Orchestra.

“I’ve had the great privilege to play with some incredible musicians in my life. Rarely have I come across one who is both virtuosic and profoundly raw and soulful at the same time. I don’t think many people are given either, let alone both. Oliver’s got it.” says Langhorne Slim. “It’s mind blowing to watch, spiritually elevating to play along with, and exciting to see what this incredible human has in store for us all.”

Birthday: September 13th

Instruments You Teach: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Mandolin, Songwriting

Favorite Music to Perform: Folk and Classical

Favorite Music to Listen to: Pop punk, and Folk 

Other hobbies & interests: I love playing Stardew Valley, knitting, cross stitching, and hiking 

Where you were born & grew up: I was born and raised in Colorado 

Pets: 3 cats and a western hognose snake! The cats are Ari, a gray tabby, Kernel, a tortie/tabby and Mint, an orange tabby who is still a young kitten. 

Practice Tips: Slow it down enough to learn it correctly. It will be so much easier to learn it correctly the first time rather than going back and trying to correct it later once you’ve learned it the wrong way. Play music that you enjoy playing, and practicing will be fun!

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