Sanghee Lee



Sanghee Kim, a highly decorated pianist, earned her Bachelor’s in Piano Performance and Music Education from Busan National University, solidifying her exceptional talent through numerous accolades and competition victories. In 1993, Sanghee pursued musical excellence in the U.S., earning a Master’s in Piano Performance from Boston Conservatory. Undaunted by challenges, her dedication to the art of music shone through.Back in Korea, Sanghee enriched the musical scene with solo and chamber music recitals, contributed to an opera company, and served as a distinguished pianist at Busan Catholic University. Her diverse contributions showcased both technical mastery and a profound understanding of musical expression.

In 1997, she returned to the U.S., studying under David Deveau and earning a Performance Diploma in Piano and Collaborative Piano from Longy School of Music in 2003. Mentored by Sally Pinkas and Brian Moll, Sanghee established herself as a consummate artist and collaborator.

Transitioning into a dedicated piano instructor, Sanghee imparts her expertise and passion to aspiring musicians while remaining active in chamber music performances. Her notable contributions to church music showcase the breadth of her musical engagement.

Sanghee Kim’s journey epitomizes artistic achievement, crossing continents to cultivate her love for piano performance and music education—a testament to the enduring power of music.


Birthday: March 20

Schools Attended: Busan National University in South Korea, Boston Conservatory of Music, Longy School of Music

Instruments You Teach: Piano

Favorite Music to Perform: Bach, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Martha Mier

Favorite Music to Listen to: Romantic era, Russian Music, K-Pop

Something most people don’t know about you: I can spend the entire day playing with my cat

Other hobbies & interests: Attending concerts or shows, watching movies

Where you were born & grew up: South Korea

Heroes: My parents and my children

Practice Tips: Even with limited time, make sure to practice a little EVERYDAY and incorporate slow practice into your routine.

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