Weronika Rozwadowska


Weronika is a pianist, pedagogist and music therapist. She comes from Poland where spent most of her life, and now continues her education at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA to become a dance/movement therapist. Weronika started playing the piano when was 5 years old. She spent 12 years in a music school where she was both playing the piano and studying eurythmics and later realized that music and movement can be a great way of therapy.  

In her classes, she focuses on following the rhythm and needs of the group. In her work she loves the creativity that children bring to the classroom, introducing or continuing exploring the world of music together and seeing the growth that happens through the classes. 

In her free time, she loves to bake sourdough bread, go for runs and walks and spend time with her family.  

Birthday: October 9th 

Schools Attended: the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music, University of Adam Mickiewicz, Lesley University 

Teaching: Preschool Mini Musicians and Tiny Tunes classes 

Age Starting Lessons: 5 

Favorite Music to Listen to: Pop, Jazz 

Favorite Music to Play: Classical music   

Something most people don’t know about you: I used to train judo as a child 

Born/Grew Up: I was born in Poland where I lived until last summer  

Hero: My sister