Zack Bacak


Zack Bacak is a rising performer, educator, and composer on the current music scene. A recent alumnus of the Florida State University, Zack has worked with artists such as Ana Gasteyer (Saturday Night Live), John Clayton (Count Basie, Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra), Carmon Bradford (Count Basie), Steve Houghton (Chick Corea), and Gordon Goodwin (Disney, Warner Bros), and the Tallahassee Jazz Symphony Orchestra. Most recently, he has toured with NETworks production of “Elf: The Musical”, and was worked as a multi-instrumentalist for theaters such as The Palace (NH), The Tallahassee Theatre (FL), and the Interlakes Summer Stock (NH). After graduation, Zack was selected as the lead alto saxophonist for the 2017 Disneyland All-American College Band, and has remained in the greater Los Angeles area since. He will be featured on the upcoming productions of singer Whitney McClain, and will be moving to Boston as director of instrumental music at Lawrence Academy. This year be on the lookout for releases from his upcoming EP. Zack is also a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.
Birthday August 8

Schools Attended The Florida State University 2017 (BME Music Education/BA Jazz Performance Dual Degree)

Instruments You Teach Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute (all styles)

Age you Started Lessons I started lessons very late, in college! Would have loved the opportunity to had them younger, and am hoping to give students opportunities and insight I never had!

Performance Experience Orchestras, wind ensembles, choirs, jazz bands, corporate bands, musical theatre, Disneyland, Ana Gasteyer, studios

Favorite Music to Listen to I enjoy all musics! I spend a lot of time with various styles of jazz and classical music, but also lots of contemporary musics like soul, hip-hop, R&B

Favorite Music to Play As a saxophonist, I’ve always enjoyed jazz and other contemporary musics, but enjoyed playing various classical settings in college as well. I would love to do more orchestra, especially as a clarinetist or flutist!

Other Hobbies, Interests Outside of music, I really enjoy reading, skateboarding, exercising, and playing any kinds of sports. Hopefully will get to more traveling with work in the future, too!

Something most people don’t know about you Most people don’t know I spent several months teaching students who speak little English and mostly Chinese, and loved it

Where you were born/grew up I was born in Connecticut and lived there for about 9-10 years, then spent the rest of my time in Florida, followed by California

Hero(es) As for musical heroes, theres so many: Chris Potter, John Coltrane, Dick Oatts, Oscar Peterson. Outside of music, Steve Jobs, Tom Brady (Go Pats!), Tim Galleway, Teddy Roosevelt… And of course my girlfriend and parents!

Practice Tips Some of the best practice tips I’ve been given are: make it fun, be patient and work slow, and become obsessed with it. If you think of anything else that you’ve been successful at in life, you probably approached it in a similar way. Keep an open mind and enjoy the journey!