Lindsey Petrosso



Lindsey Petrosso was born and raised in Massachusetts and has fostered her love of music since she was a young girl. At the age of six, Lindsey would attend piano lessons which would then spark her love for singing, writing, and storytelling throughout her teen and young adult years.

Lindsey attended and graduated from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor in Contemporary Writing and Production with a minor in Psychology. There, she studied how to compose, arrange, and produce for various instruments and ensembles. Lindsey finds herself to be passionate about vocal writing and composition for chamber ensembles, big bands, and orchestras. 

As a lover of music and learning, she is excited to share her passion with eager and curious musicians of all ages.

Birthday – November 13

Schools Attended – Berklee College of Music and UMass Dartmouth 

Instruments You Teach – Voice and piano 

Favorite music to perform – classical, indie, alternative, jazz

Favorite music to listen to – pop, indie, alternative, classical

Other hobbies and interests – reading, video games, being with friends, writing poetry

Something most people don’t know about you – All of the pieces I compose have a story I create behind it. Each instrument often plays a ‘character’ in the piece and its part represents the role they play or the emotion their character has.

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