Nicholas Snow




Violinist, vocalist, pianist, and composer Nicholas Snow grew up in a very musical family. Born in Arizona, he began taking piano lessons at the age of five, violin at the age of six, and soon added voice to his musical resume. He has been part of a variety orchestras and ensembles throughout his career including the Easy Valley Symphony Orchestra, the Arizona State University symphony and chamber orchestras, and the Millennial Choirs, to name a few.

Following graduation from Arizona State University, Nick attended a program at the Conservatory or Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona before moving to Boston where he currently resides teaching music through Go Go Allegro School of Music and working in the post production music field.

Birthday: December 10

Schools Attended: Arizona State University, Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

Instruments You Teach: Violin, Piano, Music Theory

Favorite Music to Perform: Anything from the Romantic period

Favorite Music to Listen to: I love all sorts of music but especially film-scores, video game soundtracks, nocturnal electropop, and British folk

Something most people don’t know about you: I’m close to having a black belt in karate!

Other hobbies & interests: I love playing video games and listening to spooky podcasts, as well as taking roadtrips when I can to visit new places (especially beaches or mountains)

Where you were born & grew up: I was born in Texas and grew up in Arizona

Practice Tips: Take small sections of a piece and practice slowly at first until you can play it ten times perfectly

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