Violet Joy Hansen



Violet grew up in Sacramento, CA, and has had a love for the arts since birth. She started dancing when she was three and fell in love with musical theatre at the age of twelve.

She is currently persuing her MFA from Boston Conservatory at Berklee in Musical Theatre Pedagogy.

Violet recently graduated from The University of California Santa Barbara, double majoring with a BFA in Theatre and Music. Additionally she loved working at The Music Academy of the West and UCSB’s theatre department during her undergraduate years.

Her undergrate achievements include, being the class representative for her BFA class, as well as a graduate of the honors program. Additionally, she founded a Sign Language Student Organization at UCSB called “ASL 4 All”. Over time, this passion has become a recource for Deaf individuals, and sign language students nation wide. She was also the  President for AAUW’s (American Association for University Women) UCSB chapter. This directly associates to her dream of being a college professor.

Birthday: January 18

Schools Attended: University of California Santa Barbara, Berklee College of Music

Instruments You Teach: Voice, Group Voice

Other hobbies & interests: Cooking, Soccer, Traveling

Where you were born & grew up: Sacramento, CA

Interesting Facts: Violet has a pet hedgehog, speaks sign language, and was a ballet dancer before starting to sing

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